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About Anime Ascendant

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Anime Ascendant is a website designed to assist secondary school, university, and community anime, manga, and Japanese culture clubs. Anime Ascendant offers support for these clubs in the form of advice, links, forms, contests, and programs.

From the Creator
Being a part of so many organizations, being an anime fan, and being a webmaster has all contributed to the makings of this website. I’ve spent part of my college career being all these separate roles–club member, anime fan, and webmaster–but I didn’t think to put it together to make a website for anime fans with anime clubs. Why isn’t there a concise, updated, and informative approach to running an anime club on the Internet? Anime Ascendant’s current theme rose out of this question.

Anime Ascendant first started out as an anime e-zine in 1999 under the name Operation Anime. In December of 2000, the creator re-launched Operation Anime as a website helping anime webmasters. In 2003, Operation Anime was re-vamped into its current namesake, Anime Ascendant, still offering assistance to anime webmasters. Now, over 10 years later, Anime Ascendant has evolved into a website helping anime, manga, and Japanese culture clubs.

The creator of Anime Ascendant, Jd Banks, has held the roles of Founder, President, Ad Hoc Committee Chair, Student Advisor, Vice President of Finance, President’s Cabinet Commissioner, Creative Consultant, Historian, Executive-at-Large, Webmaster, Publications Chair, Tutoring Chair, Chief of Staff, Student Organizations Liaison Commissioner, Student Government Liaison, City Youth Ambassador, Diversity Program Lead, and Active Member for multiple organizations and programs during her life in California. Now Jd resides in Japan as a teacher with her husband.

Although most of the information provided on this website comes from years of experience, Anime Ascendant is in no form an advisor on tax purposes, constitutional or by-law verbage (the exact wording), or personal discretions. Anime Ascendant is a guide to clubs. By using the advice from Anime Ascendant, the user understands that not everything will work, and cannot deem Anime Ascendant as responsible for monetary, emotional, personal, mental, or physical damages incurred.

Author: Jd Banks

Jd Banks is an American who lived in Japan as an English teacher and now resides in California. Before going to Japan, Jd graduated from San Diego State University in Fine Arts and Kinesiology. She has experience in marketing, book editing and reviewing, web design, freelance art commissions, local politics, podcasting, and journalism. She currently organizes the Black Nerds Expo, blogs on, runs an anime club help site (, and offers art services on Black Bear Cat Press.

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