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Fundraising Ideas


Auction or Silent Auction

What is it? An auction is a sale, but everyone must bid on items. Only one person will win the item.

How do you do it?

Gather sellable things from members and donors. Set a place, date, and time, and market it. On the day of the auction, put the items in a safe place on or near the stage.

For a regular auction, give everyone paddles with numbers (a plastic fan with paper over it works). An item will be shown and the auctioneer will called out prices. When a person raises their paddle, they bid on the item at the price the auctioneer said. When time runs out, the last bidder will win the item.

For a silent auction, make papers where people can write down their bids and contact information. Write a starting bid for each item. When the time ends (maybe two hours later), announce the winners of the bids. Each winner will pay before receiving their items.



A silent auction can be part of any event. Just make sure the items are guarded well!

Interesting paintings, new shoes, clean statues, artistic ceramic, and jewelry usually sell at the highest price.


Bake Sale

What is it? A sale of food.

How do you do it?

Get volunteers to make or buy food (for school clubs, you must buy the food and get permission to sell the food). Set a place, date, and time, and market the event. On the day of the bake sale, put the food out and sell it.


Car Wash

What is it? A fundraiser washing people’s cars.

How do you do it?

Get a lot of volunteers (10 to 20 people). Find a place who will let you use their parking lot and water (usually a grocery store) and ask permission to use them. Set a date and time, and market the event. Get a hose, clean rags, car soap, tire cleaner, buckets, sponges, microfiber cloths, a table, and a cash box. On the day of the car wash, go to the parking lot with your volunteers and set up your buckets and things.



Make big signs and send a few volunteers to the intersections with a lot of traffic. Send a few volunteers to the parking lot and ask shoppers if they want a car wash.


Corporate Support

What is it? Any kind of donation from a corporation relating to Japanese culture.

How do you do it?

Make a solicitation packet, and send out copies to different corporations.


Dance or Party

What is it? An anime-themed or Japan-themed dance or party.

How do you do it?

Set a theme, place, date, and time for your dance or party. Put officers in charge of certain areas (ex: marketing, room rental or reservations, food, entertainment, decorations, tickets, set up, break down). Get the room reserved, do the marketing, buy the decorations, book the entertainment (DJ, band, performances, photography), decide on the food and get it approved, and sell tickets. Before the dance or party, the set up committee will put up decorations.



Make sure to confirm everything before the day of the dance. That means calling or visiting the entertainment, the food providers, and the room rental offices and getting verbal or written confirmation. Don’t sleep on getting that confirmation!



What is it? Grams are small packages or gifts sent from a customer to a receiver.

How do you do it?

Get your officers together and decide on the kind of grams you’d like to sell.



Deliver the grams on a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas time, or Halloween.



What is it? A raffle is a lottery fundraiser where members sell tickets. Usually the raffle tickets are two raffle tickets with the same number (one ticket for the buyer and one ticket for the seller).

How do you do it?

Club members will ask people if they would like to buy a raffle ticket. This will be done until the set date to pull one lucky ticket.



Make the prize something worthwhile.



What is it? A swap is similar to a bazaar or yardsale where someone sells used items.

How do you do it?

Collect used items from members. Set a date, time, and place and market the event. Get permits, tables, and price tags. On the day of the event, set up the tables and put price tags on all the items.



Send members out to recruit some potential customers.


Eating Contest

What is it? An eating contest is an event where five to seven contestants eat one kind of food as fast as they can.

How do you do it?

Get five to seven people to eat the food. Find a food vendor and location to do the event. Set a date and time and market the event. On the day of the event, charge attendees at the door and set up the food.



Get a very good announcer. It’ll make a world of difference!


Writing Contest

What is it? A writing contest is an event where writers can submit their best written works for a chance to win something.

How do you do it?

Create a low entrance fee (usually somewhere around $5 per submission). Pick a last day to enter the contest and a few members to judge the entries. Market the contest. When the contest closes, judge all the entries and announce the winner(s).



When charging an entry fee, make sure that the prize is big.

Market writing contests on Twitter, Facebook, and your club’s website.

Author: Jd Banks

Jd Banks is an American who lived in Japan as an English teacher and now resides in California. Before going to Japan, Jd graduated from San Diego State University in Fine Arts and Kinesiology. She has experience in marketing, book editing and reviewing, web design, freelance art commissions, local politics, podcasting, and journalism. She currently organizes the Black Nerds Expo, blogs on, runs an anime club help site (, and offers art services on Black Bear Cat Press.

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  1. Great fundrasing ideas. Thanks for the sharing 🙂

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