Anime Ascendant

An anime club help site that offers advice and support

About Anime Ascendant

Our mission is to help anime, manga, and Japan-related clubs and organizations through information, materials, sponsorships, programs, forms, contests and advice.

Anime Ascendant started in 1999 as the Anime Help Center before it was renamed to Operation Anime. It was reborn in 2004 as Anime Ascendant and continued as a hub to help anime, manga, and Japan-related clubs. In 2012, Anime Ascendant was renovated with more resources and opened up a sponsorship for clubs.

While Anime Ascendant does provide resources and advice to clubs and organizations, these are only recommendations and suggestions. They do not guarantee success or completely resolve issues as each case is different.

2 thoughts on “About Anime Ascendant

  1. Your posts have helped save me so many times! Thank you for all the work you do!

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