Anime Ascendant

An anime club help site that offers advice and support





Position: President
Though a bit over-zealous, Leona does her best to help members become the best they can be. Sometimes, it means cracking the whip…
In charge of: Officers, Starting an Anime Club



Position: Vice President
She may look and act shy, but “Ayane” is a fierce V.P. when it comes down to money and cat ears.
In charge of: Fundraising, Marketing



Position: Secretary
Calm and mature Thomas doesn’t have to say much to get the job done…unless Leona gets too excited over a new game idea.
In charge of: Members, Downloads


jd_profileAdvisor Jd

Position: Advisor
Find Jd and you’ll find a lot of information waiting for Leona and the others to snap up! She’s the guru behind anything Japan related.
In charge of: Screen Info, Advisor/Parent Info

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