Anime Ascendant

An anime club help site that offers advice and support

Club Advising

Anime Ascendant Club Advising

Need help with your anime, Japanese, or manga club? Want to find solutions to your club problems? Don’t want just text but something only for you and your club? Anime Ascendant provides anime clubs a space to call or message an experienced club organizer on Skype or Discord to answer your problems immediately.

Call or message with your club concerns:
Skype handle jeridel.banks
Discord handle AnimeAscendant#3372

If you’re located in a different time zone from Pacific Standard Time (PST), please visit TimeandDate’s interactive time zone map.

Got questions but can’t make it to a one-on-one chat? You can speak with Anime Ascendant through email (jeridelbanks [ at ] yahoo [dot] com), visit our contact page, or message us on Skype or Discord.

Any advising done by Anime Ascendant are only suggestions or recommendations with no guarantees that things will go as expected and no liabilities to poor results.

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